Sensitiv - Cheval Naturel France



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This blend contains selected fructose-reduced grasses such as red fescue and timothy grass, whose low fructose content can lead to reduced levels of laminits.
PRE ALPIN Seed Light is ideal for the regeneration of pastures.
A thick turf is quickly established. Fast regeneration and trample-resistance guarantee durability.

Suitable for reseeding and new seeding.

Red fescue, oat grass, meadow foxtail, bluegrass, tall fescue, timothy grass, orchard grass

Seeding level:

  • New Seeding 40 kg / ha
  • Reseeding    10-20 kg / ha
Seeding period: early spring oder autumn (early October); Mow after initial growth of 15-20 cm
Sowing depth:   ca. 1 cm
Lifetime:           perennial (up to 6 years)

Maintenance:   moderate fertilisation or initial fertilisation in spring, fertilisation on uptake