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Plusbac Treat


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Plusbac Treat is a highly beneficial microbial, liquid balancer made from the fermentation of molasses, water, lactic acid bacteria and photosynthetic bacteria.

Plusbac Treat can be used in many specific areas in order to complete a microbial clean. The beneficial bacteria will inhibit pathogenic bacteria, leaving a friendly bacteria environment. In instances where areas have been cleaned with detergents, bleaches, or other strong cleaning materials the area is left vulnerable as all bacteria are killed both good and bad, thus it is important to populate with beneficial bacteria.

The microorganisms are generally inactive at rest and so can be stored in the right conditions for a significant period of time.


Reduction of pathogenic bacteria
Creation of beneficial bacteria in any specific environment
Reduction of flies and odours
Breaks down grease and other durable bio substances

Available in 1l bottle, 5l bag/box, 25l container, 200l drum, 500l bag/box, 1000lMCB


Optimum temperature for storage between +6oC and +20oC. Keep out of sunlight. Do not freeze or refrigerate

Shelf life: best used within 9 Months


Plusbac Treat is not for human consumption.

Avoid contact in undiluted form with eyes or mucous membranes.
Store out of reach of children and domestic animals

EU Organic