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Fibre-Ride Eco (Arena Surface Stabiliser)

Cheval Naturel France & UK

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Price is per 300kg bag including delivery* in the UK and France!


- improved stability of surface (fibres bond together and stabilise the sand)

- enhanced comfort and support for both horse and rider

- ensures the horse rides on top of the surface, not in it

- reduced risk of injury and concussion caused by deep, or hard surfaces

- retention of moisture, reducing watering requirements and reducing dust levels

- minimal maintenance

- easy to lay!

A high quality, post-industrial (unused) carpet fibre arena surface additive. We've carefully sourced an exceptional recycled carpet product which hasn't been used and doesn't contain underlay or carpet tiles, it is produced from off-cuts and unsold carpet, direct from the manufacturers. This ensures that the carpet isn't dirty or mouldy and hasn't been treated with strong and toxic cleaning products. It has also been dust-extracted. 

The fibre has been dust-extracted to 80%, is free from contaminants, metal, rubbish and other undesirables as it has been thoroughly scanned and subjected to rigorous checks.

The fibre is ideal when blended with your existing sand, fibre or rubber and we recommend 3kg/m2 for light use and 5kg/m2 for heavier use. A minimum sand depth of 7-10cm is recommended. Customers have used this fibre as a full surface successfully.

Please note - the colour of the fibre can vary a little depending on the batch of unused carpet being recycled but is normally very similiar to the colour displayed (beige/light brown/sand)

Full self-installation instructions can be provided

* delivery on a curtain-sided lorry, unloading is the responsibility of the customer and can be done with a large digger or tractor with forks. Bags are 2m x 1m x 1m with top handles. From Autumn 2019 the fibre will be baled and delivered on pallets - contact us to pre-order!

* the arena base construction and drainage must be correct and reliable in order for the surface to function as described