Fibre Ride Premium (Carpita) Arena Surface - Cheval Naturel France

Fibre Ride Premium (Carpita) Arena Surface

Cheval Naturel France & UK

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Price is per 40x20m arena topper not including delivery, please contact us for other sizes and delivery costs.


- improved stability of surface and suppleness

- ensures the horse rides on top of the surface, not in it

- improves deep or hard surfaces

- weather resistant and will not freeze

- retains sufficient moisture to reduce watering requirements and dust

- very low maintenance

- suitable for all disciplines

- to be used as a topper or a full fibre surface

- easy to lay

We've carefully sourced an exceptional quality recycled carpet surface. Used on over 2000 arenas and more than 160 miles of gallops in the UK - tried and tested for 10 years and regularly laboratory tested to ensure safety for equine use (the only fibre available which is tested as such). 

We recommend laying 5cm on top of sand and rolling it with a Cambridge roller. No need to blend it in - you therefore need to order less fibre AND it is much lower maintenance.

A minimum sand depth of 7cm is recommended. Customers have used this fibre as a full surface with great results.

Full self-installation instructions can be provided

* the arena base construction and drainage must be correct and effective in order for the surface to function as described