Compact Hay Cubes


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Available in 15kg packs 

Both feral horses in nature and pastured horses spend 14 - 16 hours per day ingesting fodder high in raw fiber. When temperatures are high, insects are particularly annoying or when the weather is wet and cold, horses shorten their feeding times. When they have a choice, however, horses rarely spend more than three hours with feeding. In general, horses will have a couple of bites to eat every hour. In the course of evolution, their digestive systems have adapted to such feeding behavior, characterized by long feeding times and a continuous uptake of fodder. Deviations from this feeding behaviour frequently lead to digestive problems and behavioral disorders.

For reasons of time and because many horses are kept in stalls nowadays, not enough attention is given to this feeding behavior. Horses are unable to satisfy their need to chew and boredom is inevitable. It is therefore important to keep horses occupied, especially when they are kept in stalls in an environment that provides little stimulation.

PRE ALPIN COMPACT is a convenient cuboid block of compressed wild herbs and grasses that have been dried using warm air. It is an ideal and above all healthy occupational feed for use outside of the main feeding times. Like alle PRE ALPIN products, it is free of mildew and dust. The gentle drying process uses warm air and preserves most of the nutrients and vital substances. Owing to its rough structure, it is also an ideal basic feed.

The convenient and pracitcal blocks are also especially suitable when travelling as well as for tournament and distance riding.

  • unique combination of herbs and grasses
  • free of mildew and dust
  • rough-structure fiber
  • gently dried using warm air
  • pure, natural product without additives (e.g. molasses)
  • prevents boredom
  • easy to store and compact
  • easy to dose
  • handy little cuboid bale dimension 14 x 16 x 8 cm


  • as basic feed
  • as 100% hay substitute
  • to upgrade hay, silage, pasture
  • while travelling
  • to combat boredom
  • to keep horse occupied
  • during tournaments and while travelling
  • when riding long-distance


  • as replacement for basic feed:
    1.2 to 1.5 kg per 100 kg ideal body weight
  • when upgrading basic feed:
    adapt amount to supply of basic feed
  • 1 compressed cuboid replaces about 1 kg of hay

Grasses and Herbs

Protein 7,0 % Potassium 1,39 %
Dig. protein 5,5 % Sulphur 0,14 %
precaec. dig. protein 4,4 % Zinc 21,50 mg/kg
Oils and fat 1,7 % Manganese 108,00 mg/kg
Fiber 30,2 % Copper <5,00 mg/kg
Ash 6,2 % Selenium 0,03 mg/kg
Calcium 0,46 % Starch 1,3 %
Phosphorus 0,21 % Sugar 7,9 %
Magnesium 0,18 % Fructan 6,6 %
Chloride 0,25 % digestible energy (GfE 2003) 7,8 DE MJ / kg
Sodium 0,02 % metabolizable energy (GfE 2014) 6,6 ME MJ / kg

Status 11/2016