Kraftpaket (Energy)


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Available in 20kg bags

Plant power for energy and performance
Horses require additional energy-rich feed for increased physical activities (e.g. during growth, pregnancy or during tournaments and sports).
This is where AGROBS Kraftpaket comes into play.

Note - Kraftpaket being 20kg, is more expensive to post than 15kg bags such as Grunhafer, Leichtgenuss, Musli, Mash, Luzerne +, Horse Alpin Senior, Alpengrun Senior and supplements.

Kraftpaket consists of extremely efficient natural plant components, optimally combining protein-rich meadow grasses and herbs with alfalfa and entire corn plants, thereby providing your horse with highly digestible starches in addition to healthy, natural sources of protein. Kraftpaket’s fibre-rich combination is easily tolerated – digestion and metabolism are not burdened as in cases involving cereals.
Thanks to the controlled meadow cultivation as well as the gentle drying and processing of the entire plants, nutrients and vitamins can be preserved. Kraftpaket delivers high levels of essential amino acids, natural beta-carotene and vitamin E and meets the all-year needs of these vital nutrients for sport, stud and young horses.
Older horses can also profit from Kraftpaket. In the winter months, the older generation often requires more protein and energy than their younger comrades. Kraftpaket can enhance the daily feeding ration as required. 

  • natural feed for horses with high energy requirements
  • rich in valuable protein (amino acids)
  • rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E
  • rich in highly digestible starches
  • high natural trace element content
  • free from molasses, dust and binding

  • enhances basic feed
  • enhances hay, silage and grazing, especially in the winter months
  • replaces power feed / cereals
  • delivers protein and energy
  • rich in essential amino acids, beta-carotene and vitamins


  • as an additive to basic feed:

0.3kg to 0.5kg per 100kg body weight

  • to replace cereal:

ca. 1.2kg Kraftpaket replace 1kg cereal
The cobs may be softened with water as required.


Meadow grasses and herbs, alfalfa, corn plants

Protein 10,7 % Potassium 1,73 %
Dig. protein 9,4 % Sulphur 0,17 %
Precaec. dig. protein 6,2 % Zinc 26,00 mg/kg
Oils and fat 2,7 % Manganese 90,90 mg/kg
Fiber 25,3 % Copper 7,33 mg/kg
Ash 8,0 % Selenium <0,1 mg/kg
Calcium 1,07 % Starch 8,0 %
Phosphorus 0,27 % Sugar 5,2 %
Magnesium 0,23 % Fructan 4,3 %
Chloride 0,34 % digestible energy (GfE 2003) 8,6 DE MJ / kg
Sodium 0,03 % metabolizable energy (GfE 2014) 7,3 ME MJ / kg