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Unmolassed, low sugar & starch, non-GM

It can be a struggle to find healthy, unmolassed horse feeds, haylage and supplements in France, which are low in sugar and starch, low NSC, high in fibre and free from GM ingredients and not treated with pesticides, herbicides or chemicals, and which are free from additives, molasses, preservatives, or over-processing. It's equally hard to find products without fillers such as soya, barley and wheat, or without cereals as the bulk of the feed.

Metabolic / Hormonal / Allergic

Many horse feeds available in France are cereal-based and high in starch, with added molasses, they are often pesticide and herbicide treated — ingredients which can be troublesome for many equines, including but not limited to those with laminitis, cushings/PPID, EMS, PSSM and allergies. These sensitive equines often do best with a clean, low sugar and starch diet and those which are prone to putting on weight, do not need "feeding" per se, but often do better with a low calorie vitamin and mineral supplement added to a low sugar and starch carrier.

Vitamins and Minerals - low calorie

We have a wide range of extremely low-sugar and low-starch chaffs and forage-feeds that are excellent for this purpose, along with low-calorie vitamin and mineral supplements. They’re also well suited to equines without special needs, to supplement a forage-based diet that could be lacking in certain vitamins and minerals. Also these forage-based feeds can be used to replace cereals, as energy feeds for growth, competition and condition.

In response to the needs of equine owners in France, we started distributing a range of horse feeds and supplements in 2015. Initially this was via a lorry-man with road-side deliveries, but we now supply feeds by the pallet-load or via courier, either to groups who buy together, or individuals, direct to home addresses anywhere in France—a service which has proven more flexible and convenient for our customers.

Our product range has recently expanded and now includes not only healthy equine feeds, forage replacers, and supplements but also microbial products, herbal supplements, haylage and bedding including guaranteed organic and cereal-free options. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact us, we have access to most products on the market!

We also now supply recycled fibre arena surfaces to stabilise and enhance comfort and safety for both horse and rider. We also provide natural arena surfaces.