About Us

Welcome to our website and we hope we can help you in your search for high-quality horse feed, haylage and supplements in France.

After struggling for many years, to find a source of healthy, low sugar and starch, unmolassed horse feeds, supplements and haylage in France, with ingredients untreated by pesticides, herbicides or chemicals, we decided to launch Cheval Naturel.

Since December 2015, we've been delivering natural feed products by pallet and courier throughout France, both to groups and individuals, and have many happy customers across the country. Our main focus is feeds and supplements for equines with laminitis, cushings/PPID, insulin resistance, gut and immune issues, however all of the products beneficial to every type of equine, by reducing sugar, starch, waste products and chemicals in their diet, we believe that common health problems can be improved upon, or even prevented.

We have products which are suitable for barefoot, shod, leisure, competition, sport and retired horses, along with broodmares, youngstock, ponies and donkeys. Most of the Agrobs feeds are cereal-free, but there are cereal-based feeds available for horse with different requirements (all of the cereals grown by Agrobs are guaranteed to be GMO free and are grown organically under strict controls). We also supply Simple Systems organic feeds and other natural feeds and supplements by leading brands.

For 2017, we have also introduced healthy dog, cat, farm animal, poultry, small animal and alpaca feeds and care products, carefully selected to include natural ingredients and where possible (price-dependent), no GM, additives, colourants, flavourings and we also have organic and hypoallergenic versions. Other equine feeds and products can be provided by request, including most well-known UK horse feed brands, at competitive prices.

If you need any product information, would like to discuss delivery options, or request a product or product range, please don't hesitate to get in touch, we value your feedback.