Timothy - Haylage - Pallet of 40

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Our Timothy haylage is made from a native grass which is naturally lower in sugar than other grasses like Ryegrass. 

Devon Haylage Timothy has a different aroma to the High Fibre Ryegrass but is still very appealing to the most fussy of eaters.  It is cut once the seed heads are fully developed in mid to late June when there is a higher stem to leaf ratio.  Timothy haylage is particularly suitable for native breeds, good-doers and laminitics and has a very low sugar content.  It was once thought that Fructan (a plant sugar) could contribute to laminitis but it has now been found that the levels in conserved forage are not high enough to be a problem.  It is now thought that the levels of simple sugar and starch are the values to be aware of when looking at forage and its suitability when trying to control laminitis in horses.


Here at Devon Haylage we own and manage all of the land used for making haylage ourselves. This ensures that we have complete control of the production system from ‘seed to sale’; helping us to produce a consistent product which meets the high standards we pride ourselves on.

All of our grass is grown specifically for the sole purpose to produce haylage; it is not surplus agricultural forage.

Devon Haylage is a family run business in beautiful East Devon. For generations we have kept many heavy horses on our farms for working and more recently eventing and leisure horses. This has given us the understanding that good quality forage is by far the most important aspect of a horse’s diet.

Options: High Fibre Rye Grass, Timothy, or Native Grasses & Herbs

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