Agrobs Natural Forage Feeds

We supply Agrobs and Simple Systems products by pallet but also by post (additional charge per item).

Postal Service - due to the package size of 30kg, there is a 2 item minimum per package. 

Agrobs Forage Feeds are produced organically, in the Bavarian Alps. Agrobs have been developing equine feeds for over 30 years and are committed to producing feeds and supplements, without using pesticides, herbicides, chemical-treatments, additives, preservatives, fillers or waste by-products. 

Try the feeds for yourself and you will understand why they are so popular! There are plenty of low sugar & starch options for equines with hormonal or metabolic problems, or those that are overweight, or with laminitis, cushings/PPID, EMS, PSSM. 

All of their products are produced on privately owned, or contracted land, where their high standards are rigorously adhered to. 

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